Magic Pat

How it all began. I suspect like many other magicians, they received a box of magic tricks under their Christmas tree. Some lose interest after a few weeks but then there's always some, like me, who get hooked. My father had an interest in magic and at every family get together he would perform the odd trick, but after seeing the same old thing year after year we all knew what was coming. As a small boy I can remember being amazed by it all. My interest in magic was rekindled when I had my own children and I knew at last I had a captive audience.

When they were a little older I engaged the services of a local magician and to be honest I think it was for my enjoyment as well as theirs. I then had the opportunity to audition for the Magic Circle and found there were many facets of magic that I found intriguing. It also became paradoxically clear that the tricks that appeared to be performed effortlessly actually took years of practice.