Ava's Princess Parties

Ava was born on 7th May 2013, a beautiful, long awaited 6lb 11oz bundle, and after having two gorgeous little boys, Ryan and Taylor, we finally had our little princess to complete our family. For a while we were in a blissful bubble. Over time however, it became evident that Ava was not developing as expected, and after a very long and turbulent few months, she was diagnosed with a very rare metabolic disorder called Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation in February 2014. This devastating disorder caused Ava to be visually impaired, hearing impaired, have severe epilepsy and global development delay. Doctors predicted that Ava had months to live. Heartbroken, we took her home on 14th February 2014 to try and enjoy whatever time we had left together. We spent the following weeks caring for Ava and visiting the amazing children's hospices. Ava sadly grew her angel wings on the 30th April 2014, just one week before her first birthday.

Ava was our own perfect little princess.