Big Talent Group
Founded in 2009, Big Talent Group is a leading celebrity talent booking agency. Whether you are a celebrity looking for an agent, or an individual or organisation that’s looking to hire celebrities or raise their profile in the press, Big Talent Group can help. Big Talent Group act as an agent for a diverse range of celebrities.

Be it actors, recording artists, reality stars, entrepreneurs or politicians, Big Talent Group have the resources to take celebrities to the next level, regardless of whether they are just starting out or are already household names. As a well established celebrity agency, we have an extensive list of contacts and can help you to book many celebrities, regardless of whether we provide exclusive representation for them.

We can help you hire a celebrity for personal appearances, corporate events, festivals, TV, product launches or any other function. In the past, we have worked with celebrities including Pamela Anderson, Andrea Bocelli and the stars of GLEE, booking them for major events with large organisations.

Big Talent Group can also work to help align celebrities to your brand for endorsements. We understand the importance of having the ‘right’ celebrities using your products and realise how much value this can add.