Bouncy Castle Hire Bexley

We're a very small family run business. We can't boast multiple drivers and hundreds of bouncy castles with units based in different locations.

However, what we can offer is a very personal touch. Every job with us matters. We could probably take on up to 12 jobs a days by ourselves. However, this business has been created to support our sick son. We only take on a maximum of three jobs per day, as we know that this is very easily manageable and should we need to ask a family member to take over, they can do so with ease.

We won't let you down. Each job really matters to us. By only taking on a maximum of three jobs, we ensure that we have plenty of time for each one.

Each castle or piece of equipment is cleaned after use, and we take great care and attention to detail. it's not a mad rush, sticking up the castles as quckly as possible, not having time to clean them or keep them looking nice. We believe you get a better quality of hire from us than anyone else.