Bumblebee Parties

Bumble Bee Parties specialise in providing the best childrens Birthday Parties and Christenings entertainment around, so if you are looking to organise a party large or small for your children then give us a call. We are Mums with children aged 1 to 8 years and have celebrated many birthdays with our children and their friends. As mums we feel that we know what children in this age bracket want. We know how stressful parties can be which is why we offer a complete package from food to party bags; all food hygiene certificates can be provided.

We also offer a free consultation to really get to know what you and your child want. We can then adapt any party to suit. We specialise in custom made parties to ensure the best birthday possible for your child whilst minimising the stress for you. We provide printable invitations and thank you notes for all parties including birthdays which can be found on the web site to save you even more time and money.