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If you are looking for a close up magician that will amaze and leave your guests with big smiles, contact me for details of my services. I started learning and mastering the art of magic three years ago through the University of Southampton's society of Magicians. Since then I have been obsessed with learning all of the different aspects of magic ranging from cards and coins to the art of mentalism. I mainly specialize as a close up magician, amazing people right in front of there noses.

Being so close to spectators adds additional challenges since everyone can examine all of the tools of my trade and can see every move that I make. This only increases the impossibility and wonder of the effects that I perform. I operate as a stroll around magician, doing tricks that some may call street style magic such as the tricks that Dynamo performs. This kind of magic is perfect for parties, dances and outside events.

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105 Sutherland Chase

Ascot, SL5 8TE
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