Little Ones Parties

Hi! If you are at my website then you must be looking for a fun entertainer for your little one's party. You are at the right place as I offer musical sessions for your party. A typical session is approximately 1 hour and is aimed at under 5's. It consists of a lovely selection of action songs and nursery rhymes with fun props and little toys and instruments for the kids to enjoy. Sessions can also include bubbles, parachutes and puppets. For the older kids (3 - 5 year olds), there are brilliant party games such as musical statues, pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey and many more to keep them active and happy.

The little ones are encouraged to have fun, be active and participate. Some songs are sung with the guitar, others we stand up and do actions. Parents and kids join in as much or as little as they want - the most important thing is that we all have a lovely and magical time.