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Melanie has a Degree in Performance Arts from Middlesex University and she specialized in costume and set design, choreography and teaching and has performed in shows in Europe, the Far East and South America.

In 1997 she had the opportunity to go back to Sudamerica, this time Sao Paulo, Brazil, she had already been to Ecuador, Colombia and Perú with circus Tihany; the most famous circus in Sudamerica with Las Vegas style show. This time she was refered to a popular circus called Fiesta. There she met Angelo the day he was leaving to work as a ring master onto another circus in Rio Grande Do Sul along his family. Only after three months later they manage to be reunited with each other and they were happy togheter until the year 2000 when they got married; and they became even happier!

Angelo has a family circus background that spans 4 generations, the Milla family is a very familiar name amongts sudamerican circuses.

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130 Bebington Road, Rock Ferry

Birkenhead, CH42 4QB
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