MCS Inflatables

We offer Bouncy Castle and Inflatable hire to Spalding, Sleaford, Peterborough, Wisbech, Kings Lynn and surrounding areas. We are a small family run business who understand that organizing a party can be very stressful in many aspects. We aim to be affordable so you are able to give your guests an amazing time, whilst making extraordinary memories for yourself. Being light on the wallet, it enables you to celebrate and still have money left over for the less exciting things such as dreaded bills.

On the safety side of things, we ensure our inflatables are tested annually to the highest standards. We also have public liability insurance to put you at ease. Sadly we do not offer hire to outdoor hard surfaces such as concrete/ gravel/ tarmac. We do not feel confident in securing the castles on hard standing surfaces as you would require 165kg of resistance on each anchor point to secure it firmly. We put our customers safety first... not profit!