Moxie's Magical Faces

Over the past 7 years I have worked in Holiday resorts all over the UK as an entertainer. From presenting Kids Clubs to Game Shows, I gained much experience in public speaking and engaging with all kinds and all ages of people.

Apart from performing on stage, I also enjoyed the activities I was undertaking away from the spotlight such as Arts & crafts, clay modelling and science experiments. But one of the things I developed a passion for was Face Painting. I loved the reaction children would get when they see their face in the mirror and they immediately bring that painted character to life, whether it be a tiger, a pirate, a princess or a dog, their imagination knows no boundaries!

When I came to the decision to somewhat retire from holiday resorts I wanted to keep my skills active. Comments of my work from customers, friends and family were always positive, giving me the motivation to believe I could make a living from doing something I love.