Mr Hokey Cokey

Children aged 1 to 93 enjoy our parties (although the 93-year olds find musical bumps harder). We provide traditional, fun and participative kids parties, with a show including all the old favourite tricks you may remember from your own childhood, as well as karaoke, jokes, limbo, balloon modelling, a disco, lots of party and parachute games, prizes and much more. We include the children as much as possible and give them every opportunity of taking part, performing and singing themselves.

We also hope to entertain and involve parents just as much as the kids, but fully understand if they want to take a back seat and have a few hours off duty. You can look at some of the feedback we've received, which is on the Testimonials page. If that doesn't satisfy you, feel free to post a query on either Top Tips For Mums, or Babies Babies Babies (both facebook groups) - you'll get some unbiased views about our parties there.