Ride The Rodeo

Ride the Rodeo is the Midlands provider of bucking broncho's for hire as well as other brilliant equipment. We pride ourselves on giving the most fun and enjoyable experience, while also keeping safety to be our main priority.

Ride the Rodeo has provided countless events now with the same great service that we always offer. From the quality of our products to the capability of our staff, we aim to strive in all area's.

We practise such professionalism to increase product knowledge and improve customer serves; both of these trained over a long time and a large number of events has resulted in confident, trustworthy staff who can operate anything you hire with precision and car. And sufficient products which provide the most exhilarating experience but however still keeps safety as a number one objective.

In the spirit of safety, all of our assets that we hire out to the general public are tested fully before hand. We only lend out items that we know to be perfectly safe and that we are happy to give out. Standards of {BSEN} are high and we follow them closely with all of our products to ensure a safe and fun experience. Here at Ride the Rodeo, safety is our main priority, and this is clearly shown in the quality of our work.

In terms of product we offer everything from bucking broncho's to photo booths to other inflatables for hire. Everything to make your event the best that it can be. All products are bought to a high standard, even to the extent of some costing us next to £10,000, which is what helps to give you the rodeo experience that you are undoubtably looking for.