Salsa Direct

Whether you are looking for Mexican Mariachi bands, Cuban / Colombian Salsa, Dominican Merengue, Spanish Flamenco or Gipsy Kings, Argentinian Tango through to the old Havana Buena Vista Cuban 'Son' sound, Peruvian Panpipes, Brazilian Samba with Carnival dancers, Latin-Pop, Latin-Jazz, or very much more that you may not yet have heard of - we have the lot!

Established for 14 years, we are based in London, UK, but supply our artistes internationally, as far as Dubai, Jordan, Lithuania, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, even South Africa and South America.

Here at Salsa Direct, we know the strengths and specialities of all our personally-vetted acts, and will give you a carefully tailored selection of the acts we believe to be the most suitable for your event, be it a private party, a wedding, a festival, or a high profile TV advertising campaign or international product launch.