Vinea Entertainment

Think back for a second to the last event you went to. What is one of the first things that you remember from that night? Was it the food? Was it your drunk aunt Betty? Well the response we get from nearly everyone is. The entertainment, and so it should be. In our opinion the entertainment is the highlight of the night, its usually the deciding factor as to whether everyone had a great time as oppose to a good time. Our main point - In order to get your night right, get the entertainment right first. Thats why we're here. We have created a platform which allows you to find, browse and book the perfect entertainment for your next event, for free.

Vinea was created by a group of creative and innovative individuals with a shared desire to change the way we think about event planning. In starting up Vinea, together we wrote down 5 things, this was our philosophy, it is our company values and it is what we stand for.

From the moment you get in contact with us, our focus will be you.