Throwing a party, no matter the reason of celebration, or simply without any reason, is every time an exciting thing. But also a stressful and overwhelming too. How to make sure that your guests feel great, what type of drinks and food to prepare and have for your guests, what about the decorations, do you need a theme, how to ensure entertainment… when organising a party you will find yourself in the great need to take care of thousands of tasks, but at the end, it always worth it, because catching up with friends, celebrating and having fun is always the best part, the only part truly important. Meanwhile, here are our top 10 tips and tricks for organising a truly memorable and amazing party!

Make your guests welcome

And make them welcome immediately. If it is possible and you have the time and energy, make sure to greet your guests at the door. Greeting them with a welcome drink is a trait of the best hosts. Make your guests feel comfortable and take your time to introduce them to other guests. This way you will make sure that there won’t be an awkward silence and people are going to feel comfortable and communicative.

The organisation is the key

We know that this one sounds really obvious, but let us remind you that organisation is the key to the best, smoothly running parties. Make sure to pay attention to all details, go thoroughly through all phases of the preparation process – planning, shopping, preparing, the actual event.

Make things easy

The best party is not necessarily the one with super fancy food, expensive location, eccentric decorations and an overall atmosphere that often makes people feel a bit less comfortable. It all depends on the occasion, but if you are planning to throw a birthday or holiday party, or simply gather your friends, the best strategy is simplifying things as much as possible. Try to avoid the pretentious culinary choices, forget about things like dress code or booking a special occasion and, if possible, throw your party at home, where everyone will feel welcome, cosy and comfortable.

Get some help

Of course, the professional help of experienced talented entertainment experts is always a good idea, no matter if it comes to a catering company, a decoration expert, or simply an entertainer. However, it is not always necessary to invest money in professional help. Ask your family and friends for help, do not be afraid to ask your guests for a helping hand – opening a wine, bringing additional plates and glasses from the kitchen, etc.

Ensure diversity of guests

There are some people, who simply know how to have fun and help others relax and have fun too. Make sure to invite a variety of different guests with different personas and backgrounds. You will be surprised how this amazing mixture of different characters is going to work out in a great way and simply make the party even more memorable.

Timing is important

Make sure to invite your guests at least two weeks before the party, so you can make sure they do not have any other plans and they will be able to come to your party.

Electronic invitations

Gone are the days, when people used to send party invitations through the post (although there is, without any doubt, some great charm in paper invitations). Nowadays it is a lot easier to send an electronic invitation. This way you save money, you will get responses quicker and keep track on your guest's list.

Choose the right kind of music

You might be a great rock/punk music fan, but if your party is not rock’n’roll themed, make sure to choose a kind of music that all (or at least the majority) of your guests will enjoy. Classic hits or jazz can work amazingly for creating a relaxed, sophisticated and enjoyable atmosphere and create a festive ambience.

Stick to tested and favourite receipts

No matter if you are planning to get the help of a catering company, or you are planning to prepare the party food yourself, make sure to stick to dishes and receipts that you have already tried (eating and preparing) and you know that these work great and could become a favourite to many people. We know that it can be tempting to try impressing your guests with some really exotic and exciting dishes, or a very eclectic menu, but most of the time this type of plans are simply failing. Stick to the party food classics and leave the culinary experiments for when you are not serving a bunch of people.

Remember to relax

Here is the most important and useful tip we can offer – do not forget to relax and don’t allow the stress overwhelm you. When the party starts and the first guests arrive, remember to let go of details and simply have fun and enjoy your party because you deserve it!

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